You’ve done it all. You’ve asked
about it, you’ve “Googled” it, and you may have even cried over it.
You just can’t seem to decide what exactly is the best route to make your
business as profitable as possible while still saving time and money. You are
juggling a lot of different things at once, and you just want something that
will make life a little easier. Although you may have heard of a CRM, whether
it was in college or on the internet, you probably do not know the impact a CRM
program can have on your business functions.
The definition of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is
“A system that helps businesses manage their customer and business
relationships by providing one central location to gather present and historical
information, automate manual business process, and communicate with prospective
and current clients in a timely fashion.” That is a lot of technical words
to read, but basically it’s saying it is a computer system that will make
things run a lot more smoothly. Let’s break it down into these 5 benefits of
using a CRM.

Customer Relationships (obviously)

were created with the customer in mind, and although they offer a lot of great
features, customer service is the basic function of these programs. Most CRMs
let you connect with clients on the phone, via live chat, text, email, through
social media, and even in person. This creates a personalized experience for
your customers so they will feel comfortable communicating and doing business
with you.  

Team Collaboration

enhance communication between employees. Sharing information between teams will
allow everyone to be on the same page and work together. No matter how far
apart each individual is, you can still collaborate as a team on projects and
stay organized within your company.  

Cost savings

is money and who doesn’t like saving both? You can now forget paper records.
CRMs handle all of your information and records electronically. Everything is
logged into the program and shared between users.  

Better efficiency

allow the automation of everyday tasks, such as emailing and reporting. This in
itself is a great feature that saves time and money. Being able to automate
routine tasks will free up time to put your efforts into more detailed tasks.  

Analytical data and reporting

show you what is working and what isn’t. They allow you to cater to your
audience to improve your results. They can make some of  your hardest decisions easy just by simply
using the data that CRM analytics provide.