Customer Relationship Management

Optimize your sales and marketing teams performance to maximize your ROI. With our powerful CRM you know exactly which prospects and clients are generating phone calls and sales conversions. TeamLogic Voice Results is our built in CRM which provides your company with the most robust sales tool in the industry today.

Track Leads

Siarum Voice Results is a cloud based solution that helps you track sales activities, predict customer behavior, automate sales leads, and record every activity and engagement with a prospect or client.

Call Recordings

Record all calls that are made to and from your clients. Every call made to your sales persons direct line will now route into the clients profile an be logged as an activity. You will be able to listen to the call right from your contacts area. Use the recordings for training and legal aspects for an extra level of protection. Hear Example

Task Automation

Create a more productive sales team and save time by automating repetitive tasks to shorten the sales cycle. This feature will free up your sales team so they can focus focus on what they do best, SELL!!!

Outlook Integration

Now you can use your company outlook email and appointment calendar right from the Siarum Voice dashboard. With our outlook integration anytime you send an email or schedule an appointment. It is tracked in the dashboard.


Siarum Connect

Your sales reps can now text, email or call a client right from the Siarum Voice dashboard. And when the client responds the activity is routed straight into the client profile in real time. You even know when the client opens their email and if they forwarded it.

Robust Reporting

Siarum Voice provides you with real time bar graphs and charts that helps you make daily sales and marketing decisions. With the click of a button you know exactly which sales reps are performing and which reps are not.

Advertising Agencies

Siarum Voice was create with advertising agencies in mind. With our white labeled agency dashboards you will be able to set up each of your clients in their own separate accounts. No more hassle at the end of the month trying to figure out what each client should be billed. Siarum does this for you. We offer a number of tools to help you structure your clients call tracking programs and maximize the benefit for your agency. Click the button below to learn more about our Agency program.

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