Why Choose Siarum Voice?

Siarum Voice is truly a unique communications platform like no other. Siarum Voice system integrates Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, Administration and HR all in one platform. Our communications tools allow each member of your organization to know what is going on with a client at any time. You know where the client is in the sales cycle, and even the phone or text conversations are recorded and logged into the client profile.

Why we are the best:

Siarum Voice is a state-of-the-art communication system that not only reduces the costs of phone and data services, but also connects sales and marketing teams to their clients like never before.

Siarum Voice is equipped with Siarum Voice Results, a unique, built-in CRM, allowing businesses to initiate and receive calls, texts and emails to and from clients anywhere in the world. Even more, your calls, texts and emails are actually recorded and logged into your client’s profile in Siarum Voice Results. Because all your communications with clients are recorded and stored as digital files, unfortunate circumstances of miscommunication with clients are practically eliminated. 

All Calls Recorded

IVR Functions

Mobile App

Client Management Software

Workflow Manager

Text Messaging

Call Center Capabilities


How Does Siarum Voice Save Money?

A report published by TeleNomic Research reports that small businesses (companies with fewer than 500 employees) spend on average $543.17 per month for telecommunications services; 89 percent of which are for local, long distance and wireless telephone services. Yet high telephone bills are only one aspect of the expenses small business owners face when it comes to their telecommunication systems. Traditional telephone systems are typically difficult to manage and support. They require their own communication lines, custom hardware, and usually a special support team. Just adding or removing a single user could cost hundreds of dollars. Not to mention the cost of adding additional extensions. There was a time when you had no choice but to pay these prices simply because you couldn’t get these services anywhere else. Today, though you have options and we believe that our solution is one of the best options available.

Improved Productivity With CRM Dashboard

Hosted Voice and Unified Communications simplify collaboration within and between offices, increase efficiency, and simplify how employees manage their communications. Hosted Voice and UC deliver productivity-enhancing features. Our solution includes the ability to access call recordings at any time and receive instant messages on their computers. With it, employees can multi-task: they can read and respond to messages while attending a meeting or another call, without taking time to listen through the audio recordings of message after message. Employees can also host and record conference calls using desktop and mobile clients for improved collaboration. Hosted Voice and UC integrate and consolidate modes of communication to simplify and streamline interactions. With less time spent managing communication, people have more time to focus on tasks that contribute to your business goals.

Customized For Your Company

Multiple Options of Customization

The Siarum Voice system can be customized to suit each user’s needs. VOIP systems typically ship with standard options and fixed processes. Siarum Voice provides a user the ability to use tracking numbers in multiple ways. Our call routing options include IRV logic, round robin, call routing and simultaneous ring to name a few. Our system is built to cater to multiple domains and different client needs.

Bottom Line

From cost savings to increased mobility, Siarum helps businesses immediately and for the long-term. Hosted Voice can lower voice communications costs, improve team collaboration, and free up IT resources. Plus, your business will be able to scale more rapidly than ever before.

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