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We Are a Company Driven to Simplify and Innovate Communications

Siarum believes that simplifying the communications and workflow process is critical for a business to grow. Technology is the driving force between our customers and our company. As our customers expect exceptional quality and customer service, our primary goal is to satisfy each and every customer no matter the size of your company. Siarum was created because our clients asked for it and we listened. The Siarum platform was created with you in mind. We didn’t just create a software platform and bring it to you, several beta clients looking for a better solution helped us the whole way. Therefore creating a platform built just like you need it. Take a look at some of the customers we work with every day and discover how they are using Siarum.

“Before we started using Siarum we had no way to accurately track our phone calls. Now that we have been on Siarum for a few months, we can tell exactly who is calling and how long our employees spent with the caller. And the ability to record the call allows the city to accurately assess each and every conversation. Siarum is a life saver.”

Berkley Squire

Director, City Of Homewood


“What once was a lengthy, complicated and time consuming process is now a quick and simple way to manage and post our clients notes and information. Every communication we have with them is now tracked. From email, text to phone calls. It all routs to the client profile for quick access”

Tim Watkins

VP of Communications, ImagSouth


“An extraordinarily unique system for managing your clients and recording every contact. Siarum CRM and Siarum Ring is like nothing in the market. Very easy to use and the support you get from PMG Staff is the best you will find.”

Jim Nix

Financial Advisor, Horizon Financial Group

“Mark helped me start my business 4 years ago and now we are using the Siarum Phone system. Mark and the entire Siarum team is one of the best groups I have ever worked with. I highly recommend their services for any size business.”

Kerri Hicks

Owner, Vet Care Of Calera

“I just had my first 3 way conference call on the new system.  Just wanted to let you know if was very easy and the clarity was great.  When we conferenced in people on the old Vonage system, there was always someone who was very faint/difficult to hear.”

Bruce Gouin

Owner, Express Employment Professionals

“An extraordinarily efficient system for managing your client communications and tracking results in real time. Siarum is like nothing in the market. Very easy to use and the support you get from Siarum staff is the best you will find.”

David Slowikowski

Agent, Farmers Insurance

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