Frequency Reports

Within seconds, produce frequency reports in Siarum Ring when you have marketing campaigns running. When you have active call and text blasts running you can run a report to see exactly which sources are working and what is not.

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Customize your Business Phone System

Siarum Ring’s call tracking software will track and measure ROI of your ad campaigns. By using Siarum Ring you can instantly assign distinct phone numbers to your ads and start tracking your call analytic’s instantly. Below will be many features that will help your recruiting department stay in touch with each and every applicant in real time.

Start tracking your call analytic’s instantly.

  • Provide marketers with the knowledge to make smarter, strategic decisions when optimizing their advertising campaigns.
  • Reduce money spent on campaigns that aren’t working and invest in campaigns that are generating not just calls, but calls that result in conversions.
  • Be provided with all the information you need, from the little details about each call to the high level reporting about your campaigns.
  • Expose performance trends and be provided with analytics around which advertising channels are generating the most phone calls, creating the most sales, and making the most qualified leads.

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