Fleet Tracker is an add-on to Siarum that enables real-time fleet tracking in the Siarum dashboard. The tracker provides your company with an automated business fleet processing solution. We use real-time sensor information from our ODB reader installed in your vehicles, and combine the information with our Siarum mobile app.

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Fleet Tracker

  • Track and manage vehicle data in Siarum
  • Monitor drive logs, costs and expenses
  • Receive maintenance and safety alerts
  • Create mileage and fuel tax reports

Field Tech’s

  • Transform Siarum into a Dispatch Center
  • Dispatch resources from a mapped location
  • Automate time-on-site reporting and billing
  • Generate pick up and delivery routes

Field Sales

  • Save time with automated activity logging
  • Log sales visits automatically
  • Provide daily activity reports to management
  • Track accurate mileage for reimbursement

Connect Your Vehicles

And Stay Connected

  • In addition to reporting fuel economy, the devices will give drivers reports of their historic fuel economy. Siarum will display ECO lights or graphics to coach drivers toward more miles per gallon. Siarum works to help train the user to be a more efficient driver.
  • With all of that info about vehicle and engine speed, steering angle, and the like flowing out of a standard connection, Siarum can be of great use to companies looking to measure their vehicle’s performance on a granular level.
  • Siarum integrates Wi-Fi technology to wirelessly connect our mobile app from your smartphone or tablet for easier monitoring of a vehicle in a garage or on the road.
  • Siarum’s location features make it the ultimate vehicle monitor. Can’t remember where you parked? Siarum will show you. Want to monitor how fast you’ve gone, and how far you have driven? Siarum Fleet Tracker does that, too. Wherever your vehicle goes, Fleet Tracker knows.
  • When the engine light comes on: Does it mean you need to check your oil, or is it something worse? Siarum Fleet Tracker will tell you what’s up and help you address small problems before they become big ones.

Key Benefits for Fleets

  • Locate Vehicles in Real-Time: Always know where vehicles are for efficient utilization and fraud detection.
  • Control Fuel Costs: Monitor and manage driver behavior to reduce idle time for fuel savings up to 30%.
  • Reduce Maintenance Expenses: Improve employee driving, vehicle usage and mileage reporting to keep vehicles running smoothly.
  • Monitor Time Reporting: Track actual hours worked for drivers with precise vehicle arrival and departure times.
  • Reduce Fraud: Identify and set alerts for unauthorized driving areas and times.
  • Insurance Savings: Reduced premiums for signing up.


Carry Your Fleet With You
With our Siarum Mobile management app, you can access all your information about your team from anywhere, anytime.


  • View the dashboard, live map, reports, alerts and more
  • Dispatch can locate the closest vehicles for rerouting
  • View vehicle logs in route replay
  • Send a stop to a mobile device
  • All with full-functioning applications, not just a map in a web browser.

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